A quick look around shows us that health is not a very high priority in our country.  Our goal through Dederick Pre-K is to reverse the trend of obesity and diabetes in the next generation and make El Dorado Springs and the surrounding area healthier.  To combat this trend, we will implement high food standards.  From garden fresh vegetables to daily prepared meals and snacks, our goal is to provide quality nutrition on a daily basis.  See our weekly meal calendar HERE. 

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"We believe there are two types of students in the world; those who are gifted, and those are gifted and don't know it yet."


What is school without play?  While education is our passion, we understand that learning without play is a fruitless endevour.  Studies have shown that active children are happier, and happier children retain information.  Play is serious business and is an important part of the learning process.  Our facility utilizes a modern play ground with ample space and out door toys for children to use.  Indoors, we are equipped with toys that stimulate the mind, enhance motor skills, and of course are fun to play with. 

Dederick PreK and Day Care

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Faith and Education

We believe the most important aspect of any Child's development is to grow in their faith.  We believe strongly that the best place for children to learn about their faith is in the home and in their churches.  We encourage everyone to find a church to make their home.  

We also believe that outside of faith, children thrive on love, compassion, discipline, and education.  At Dederick Pre-K we desire to provide a safe place for preschool children to experience these principles.  Our programs are designed to prepare 2-5 year olds with the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in elementary school and beyond.  In light of our desire to help all children, our education practices are not faith based.  Rather, we hold ourselves to the educational standards that will prepare them best for public schools. 

Children in our programs will learn reading, math, discovery, and life skills.