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Our class time is full of educational and practical life activities.  Students learn the basics of lacing, zipping, using tongs, counting, and much more.  Every day the children are challenged and encouraged with activities in math, science, geography, and language including Spanish.   


We are blessed to be permitted to use the wonderful facility of Dederick Christian Church.  Students are given time to explore their creativity inside with Legos, dress-up, kitchen sets, play tools, and more.  We also know that kids have energy to burn and our large fenced in yard provides plenty of room to do it in.  A plethora of balls, scooters, and other toys are waiting outside for the recess whistle to blow. 

Call us today at (417)955-5063. 15104 Hw AA, El Dorado Springs Mo 64744

Dederick PreK and Day Care

Dederick MO (417)876-2962

Serving Nevada, El Do, Schell City

Call us today at (417)876-2962. 15104 Hw AA, El Dorado Springs Mo 64744


Our students receive high quality meals at breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.  It is our goal to ensure that your children are properly fed and energized to take on the days challenges.